Our Client Kelly Services Receives Best Use of Facebook Award!

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on June 11, 2012 ·

 Congratulations are in order for our client, Kelly Services! They have recently received an award for Best Use of Facebook in the staffing industry! To celebrate this amazing accomplishment with the Kelly team, we caught up with Lorrie Sole, Kelly’s Global Interactive Marketing Manager, to learn more about Kelly Services’ social strategy for success, and to get some great insights from Lorrie about her own contributions to the wonderful team of people she leads.

Thought Labs: What factor do you believe has been most important to Kelly Services' success on Facebook?

Lorrie: One factor would definitely be the interaction between Kelly and its community. Facebook (and social overall) is about having conversations. So just listening and joining conversations has really made our page very successful. We strive to answer questions, provide career advice and help people search for jobs/careers.


Thought Labs: What role does identifying advocates play in Kelly's overall strategy for creating great conversations on the page?

Lorrie: We LOVE to see advocates on our page. It tells us that we are doing things right! It helps us understand what info is getting through to our audience and how we can better communicate needed information. It also shows us that our brand is strong, people are listening. For example, we recently had a guy from Kentucky on our Facebook page post the contact information for our Malaysia location. That is pretty cool!


Thought Labs: What types of content do you feel is most valuable to Kelly's Facebook Community? For example, tips on building resumes or finding jobs?

Lorrie: Honestly, and it may sound simple, but it’s answering people’s questions and helping them out. It’s also the softer side of things. Asking people what they think and saying “Have a good day.” Our career tips are very popular as well. We strive to provide the latest information on careers and remind everyone about those ever important career tips that will get them hired.


Thought Labs: What aspects of being involved with the creation and management of the Kelly Facebook Community have you enjoyed most?

Lorrie: I also love the interaction with people, thousands of people, that is super cool. The amount of people you can reach is truly amazing. Watching our page grow is really cool.


Thought Labs: How did you first become involved with Kelly's social media strategy?

Lorrie: I have been responsible for Kelly’s global email strategy for 7 years now. It seemed like a logical progression to the world of Social since email is a social tool as well.


Thought Labs: What do you feel has been your own greatest achievement as a member of Kelly's Social Team?

Lorrie: The recent award from Staffing Industry Analyst was really great. It showed us how the hard work has paid off and how we really do help people on our page. Also, we see more and more advocates on our page, and that is a great achievement. We also developed and launched a social media policy and guidelines for internal Kelly employees on how they should get involved in the world of social. Watching that excitement grow is super cool.


Thought Labs: What's your secret for keeping up to date on all the latest trends in social while also managing a global social team?

Lorrie: Read, read and then read again. I have some key publications I like to read. But in the world of social, you learn about new trends through a lot of communities you belong to. It is not easy, but worth the effort.


Thought Labs: Tell us more about the internal Kelly employee community that you are responsible for at Kelly, and how it has benefited Kelly as a whole?

Lorrie: I work in Marketing, so I have access to the latest and greatest content our company develops for customer, prospects, employees and job seekers. With that access, I started a Social Ambassadors group on Salesforce/Chatter within Kelly to help all of Kelly share information and articles with their social channels. The key is for the Kelly team to listen to conversations in their social channels (forums, blogs, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter) and then see if we can add value to those conversations with relevant content and discussions. We do not want to just push out articles and information, we want to add value and help with our expertise.


On behalf of Thought Labs, I would like to congratulate Lorrie and all members of the Kelly Services Social Team, your hard work and dedicate have paid off, and it certainly will continue to do so well into the future! Many thanks to Lorrie for taking the time to provide us with these great insights!


Lorrie Sole is Global Interactive Marketing Manager at Kelly Services, where she is responsible for Kelly’s social strategy, design, and implementation. Lorrie has been with Kelly Services for nearly 15 years, having developed a long list of accomplishments and a record of success with helping Kelly become recognized as a leader in the staffing industry.

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