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SCOTTeVest Harnesses Crowdsourcing for Social Success - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 08

SCOTTeVEST has seen great success on social media due to their effective use of crowdsourcing feedback, allowing them to constantly refine and improve everything they do. We originally profiled them in our Content Marketing Deep Dive: SCOTTeVEST blog post. In this episode, ...
In Social Strategy and Tactics

State of the Art Social Self-Service with AVG Technologies - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 07

AVG Technologies has long offered some form of social self-service support to its millions of users. In 2015, after internal analysis of metrics and user satisfaction decided to change everything. Jas Dhaliwal, Director of Customer Care Self-Service and Social Care at AVG ...
In Social Customer Care

Saddleback Leather's Content Marketing Secrets - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 06

Following my deep dive into Saddleback Leather's great content marketing, we sat down with Keenan Erwin, a member of Saddleback Leather's digital marketing team, to learn how Saddleback Leather got their start in content marketing, how their team grew, and what philosophy ...
In Content Marketing

Multiple Facebook Pages and Content Marketing Deep Dives - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 05

Hear how Facebook's new Reactions give brands a chance to learn how people really feel. Learn why some companies have split their main Facebook pages into many smaller pages. Dive deep into the content marketing practices of Saddleback Leather and Caspar to learn what is ...
In Content Marketing

Audience Optimization And Algorithmic Feeds - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 04

Facebook recently launched a new way to give context to your content with Audience Optimization, and Twitter has started to roll out their algorithmic timeline. In this episode, John Maver and Zachary Chastain talk how each new feature works and how marketers should take ...
In Social Strategy and Tactics

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2016- FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 03

Content marketing continues to be an essential part of digital communication for brands in 2016.  In this episode, John Maver and Zachary Chastain talk about Zach's latest post - The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2016 - and answer common questions about content ...
In Content Marketing