Audience Optimization And Algorithmic Feeds - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 04

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on July 27, 2018 ·


Facebook recently launched a new way to give context to your content with Audience Optimization, and Twitter has started to roll out their algorithmic timeline. In this episode, John Maver and Zachary Chastain talk how each new feature works and how marketers should take advantage of them.


Podcast Guests

Podcast Timeline

  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 00:28 - What is Facebook Audience Optimization?
  • 01:59 - How does Audience Optimization compare to the previous "Interested In" targeting option?
  • 02:28 - How the Preferred Audience tab works
  • 04:04 - Best practices for content tagging
  • 06:12 - What is a good mix of broad and specific content tags?
  • 07:11 - How the Audience Insights tab works
  • 07:30 - What are the limitations of Audience Optimization?
  • 08:11 - How the Audience Restrictions tab works
  • 09:02 - Do you need special software to do content marketing?
  • 09:41 - Next steps for brands using Facebook Audience Optimization
  • 10:09 - Overview of Twitter's new algorithmic Timeline
  • 15:44 - How the new algorithm works
  • 17:12 - How do I enable the new Twitter algorithmic timeline?
  • 17:38 - Next steps for brands using Twitter's algorithmic feed

Topics: Social Strategy and Tactics

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