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Brand Advocacy

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How to Build an Influencer Marketing Program Like the Top 5% of Brands!

Your brand influencers may not be everything that you think they are...   Recently Dan Sullivan, CEO at Crowdly, revealed an important truth about the state of influencer marketing. What he found is that 95% of all engagement created around Twitter contests and other ...
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Boosting Brand Awareness with Influencers

In The Difference Between an Influencer and a Brand Advocate, I said that Influencers are better used for spreading brand awareness, as long as you can find a way to mesh your product with their interests. Recently, Snickers seems to have found a way to do just that in ...
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The Difference Between An Influencer and a Brand Advocate

In previous posts, we have talked about the importance of Brand Advocacy and the 3 types of Brand Advocates. However, there is often some confusion when people hear the term "Influencer" about whether it means the same thing as a Brand Advocate. Let's explore the ...
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What Should You Consider Before Starting an Employee Advocacy Program?

Today on SocialMediaToday.com Digital Strategist and blogger Jacob Curtis shared a post on the impact of becoming an employee advocate by using your own network (or building one) to spread the message of the brand you work for, bringing your company positive outside ...
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How Do Online Community Members Become Super-Active Advocates?

Recently we talked about what it takes to maintain great communities, and some of the roadblocks you might face while building up your community. Here at Thought Labs, we feel that advocacy is an essential part of the foundation of any online community. Advocates are active ...
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How much do Brand Advocates matter?

Today, I read through a great slide deck put together by the Weiden+Kennedy agency called "How to (not) Fail." It is 110 slides long, and goes through several thought provoking points. I definitely recommend you read through it. The one that stuck with me is about the ...
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Brand Advocate Type 2 - The Brand Insider

So far, I have covered the importance of brand advocates, the three types of brand advocates, and gone into detail about the first type - the Casual Recommender. Now, I will introduce the second type - the Brand Insider.
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Three Types of Brand Advocates and The Casual Recommender

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of a brand advocacy program. Brand advocates can be a great blessing for a company to really connect with users and multiply the effectiveness of their communication and campaigns. However, not all advocates are the same. In ...
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The Importance of Brand Advocacy

We see fans on TV all the time. Turn the channel to a football game and the camera will soon cut to screaming people with painted faces, big foam hands and jerseys with team logos. There are fans in the workplace as well, talking about the last game or comparing stats of ...
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4 Steps for Supercharging Your Superfans

It's almost certain that at some point, you've been told that your brand needs an advocacy program. You're not quite certain what the benefits are, what costs are involved, or how you should approach it, but you know that you need an advocacy program. While the costs can ...
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