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Search engines use topical authority to decide whether they will show your links in search results. That means your blog posts and landing pages need to be SEO optimized and be of high enough quality that readers will stick around to read it. On social media sites, the content you publish has just seconds to catch a reader's eye and not much longer for them to be able to scan and consume it.

Below you will find many blog posts on how to write great content and how to target it on social media to ensure it gets to the right people. On the right are some tools and guides that you can use to ensure your content is at its best.

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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing In 2016

Whether you're new to content marketing or just trying to revamp and improve your content marketing efforts, this guide will give you all of the information you need to succeed at content marketing in 2016!
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Your Content Strategy Sucks, but It Doesn't Have To

Your content strategy is broken. Deep down you know it, but you don't know how to fix it. I'm going to show you how to write better content that your target personas will care about, how to position it on social media platforms in a way that will make them want to read your ...
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How To Create Great Branded Video Content People Will Actually Watch

With all the content vying for people's attention, how can you create something that people actually will want to watch, and still have it promote your brand? Ziploc seems to have found the answer in its Little Beasts series of webisodes.
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5 Unexpected Tips For LinkedIn Advertising

The self-service advertising experience within LinkedIn has come a long way in the last couple of years. With 40% of its revenue now coming from content marketing (via direct sponsored content) LinkedIn is focusing on developing their ad manager. Though they recently rolled ...
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A Simple Checklist for Creating Great Content and Blog Posts

These days, we all need to create a lot of content. Great blog posts aren't often written on the first try, but with a little effort before and after you write, they can get a lot better. Often, the piece I started isn't the one I ended up with. This could be because I ...
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How Much Content Is Too Much for Content Marketing?

Content marketing obviously depends on having something to publish, but how much content should you actually be producing? A recent experiment run by Hubspot and Moz tested just that and they got some interesting results.
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How Much is Too Much Content? - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 01

We have just launched our first podcast episode! Join John Maver, Cappy Popp, Zachary Chastain and guest Jas Dhaliwal for a discussion of how much content really needs to be produced. We will be using the recent analysis done by HubSpot and Moz over their content posting ...
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Why You Should Spend 50% of Your Time Writing Your Title

While there is of course a relationship between the amount of traffic sent to an article and the number of social media interactions, you may be surprised to learn that this correlation doesn't extend to the number of people who actually read the article, as reported at The ...
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3 Reasons Nobody Clicks On Your Social Media Links

Content marketing is king today - we have to create great content to offer value to our readers and to satisfy Google's new search engine requirements. But, it often turns out that the content we are creating is never actually read by those it is intended for. Instead, it ...
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Kentico CEO Petr Palas' Top Content Marketing Advice: Part 2

This is part 2 of my discussion with Kentico CEO Petr Palas, regarding the 2014 Kentico Content Marketing Survey results. You can read part one of my discussion with Peter Palas here. We're picking up from where we left off in part one, at question 3.
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