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Bebo application platform is turned off!

Bebo posted this today: Bebo is slow. Sorry! It's been growing a lot recently and we're not quite keeping up with the demand. Even though apps has nothing to do with the problem, we turned off apps temporarily to help reduce the load. We're working hard on a permanent fix ...
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Dealing with MySQL Too Many Connections error

Doorbell on Bebo is growing steadily, despite some randomness in the Bebo platform uptime. One side effect of its popularity was a new error – Too Many Connections. Here is a quick overview of the cause and a solution.
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Facebook API: Undocumented Cookie Management REST APIs

The Facebook API does have a way to set and get cookies, but it is in beta so is not currently part of the FB PHP libraries. I found it out by searching through forums, by trial-and-error, and on the FB Beta docs page. There are 2 functions available:
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Facebook vs. MySpace/OpenSocial Development

After having looked at MySpace's OpenSocial implementation I wanted to provide a comparison between it and the Facebook development platform. They are based upon completely different models and moving from one to the other is not as easy as one would hope.
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Introduction to the Facebook Data Store API

Facebook released the Data Store API Beta a few months ago, but I hadn’t had a chance to try it out until recently. There are many blog posts discussing the merits of its implementation, but I felt it would be useful to post a quick how-to guide to using it. The Data Store ...
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PHP's mystical __set_state method

PHP 4.x introduced magic methods with the __serialize and __unserialize methods. Since then many have been added. Love them or hate them as a language abomination magic methods are here to stay. Most are well-documented but one, the __set_state() magic method, is not. I ...
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