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Generating Trackable URLs for Retargeting Campaigns

How well you are able to track the success of your retargeting campaigns depends a lot on how you set them up. Because these campaigns can have so many ad variations, it makes a lot of sense to try to standardize on a system.  In this post, I will walk through a system we ...
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Creating Image Variations for Retargeting in Photoshop

One of the requirements for creating images for a retargeting campaign is to build each ad in the most popular display formats. For display ads, there is 160x600, 728x90, 300x250, 320x50, 300x600, and 970x250. For Facebook, there is thankfully just 600x315. However, an ...
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How to Set up the AdRoll SmartPixel for Retargeting

AdRoll provides an easy-to-use interface to control multi-platform retargeting - they support display ads around the web, Facebook and Instagram (in beta). Just like setting up the Facebook Pixel for retargeting, you will need to add the AdRoll SmartPixel to your website to ...
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Planning Retargeting Campaigns with Objectives, Audience, and Trigger Pages

Before you start setting up a retargeting campaign, it is important to lay out the main objective, the audience you will be targeting, and the pages they will visit to trigger the retargeting ads. This post will walk through examples of each of these three planning pieces.
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Overcome Your Ad Retargeting Challenges with our Free Calculator

Retargeting: Challenging But Important Retargeting helps convert people who've abandoned your site or app into customers. According to AdRoll, only, "2% of shoppers convert on the first visit" to a site.  But what about the other 98%? Retargeting can get those potential ...
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How to set up the Facebook Pixel for Retargeting

Every retargeting campaign needs a trigger - a way to know which people to target based on an action they have taken. With most retargeting platforms, this is done by adding a tracking pixel to your website. Facebook is no exception - they have created the aptly-name ...
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