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3 Steps to Manage Your Facebook Ad Campaign While It's Still Active

If you're new to running Facebook ad campaigns, or just a veteran advertiser who still has gaps in their knowledge, you may be under the impression that once you've created your ads, your campaign is running, and your ads are being served, that your job is done until the ...
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The Facebook Ad KPI's You Need To Get Better Results at a Lower Cost

Are you new to running Facebook ad campaigns, or are you an experience advertiser who is unclear on what metrics you should be measuring and how you can use your metrics to optimize your ad campaign results and even optimize the results you get per dollar spent? In this ...
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Overcome Your Ad Retargeting Challenges with our Free Calculator

Retargeting: Challenging But Important Retargeting helps convert people who've abandoned your site or app into customers. According to AdRoll, only, "2% of shoppers convert on the first visit" to a site.  But what about the other 98%? Retargeting can get those potential ...
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How to set up the Facebook Pixel for Retargeting

Every retargeting campaign needs a trigger - a way to know which people to target based on an action they have taken. With most retargeting platforms, this is done by adding a tracking pixel to your website. Facebook is no exception - they have created the aptly-name ...
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How Do You Optimize Instagram Conversions and Turn Traffic Into Sales?

A cottage industry of services has appeared over the last year with the goal of helping you optimize your Instagram photos to convert your followers into paying customers, and these offerings are growing to meet the needs of everyone from small businesses to multinational ...
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5 Unexpected Tips For LinkedIn Advertising

The self-service advertising experience within LinkedIn has come a long way in the last couple of years. With 40% of its revenue now coming from content marketing (via direct sponsored content) LinkedIn is focusing on developing their ad manager. Though they recently rolled ...
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How to Target Your Personas on LinkedIn in 10 Easy Steps!

You have your persona all mapped out, you understand who your ideal customer is, what type of language they use what their interests, goals, and challenges are. You've learned a lot about what types of content, titles, and imagery will appeal to them.
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How to Fix Declining Facebook Organic Reach After an Ad Campaign

I recently answered a question on Quora asked by a community manager who is wondering why his organic Facebook likes are decreasing after running a Facebook ad campaign to increase his page likes.
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Using Intent for Social Media Marketing

A Twitter user tweets "I love this latte", a Facebook user comments on a post from Car & Driver Magazine, and a Pinterestuser pins their 5th wedding dress. Each of these actions may establish an "intent" to buy a certain product or type of product. And targeting intents ...
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What the Heck Is Facebook's Atlas and People-Based Marketing?

Facebook just launched Atlas, a platform that it believes will fix many of the problems with today's cookie-based advertising methods. They describe it as a shift to "people-based marketing".  In this post, I will describe how things work today and how Facebook's Atlas ...
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