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Are Facebook Users Ignoring Your Content?

Brands on Facebook really have to work hard to engage their fans. After creating posts with content and images that are both engaging and meet business goals, it can be frustrating to find out that Facebook is only showing that content to a very small percentage of fans. ...
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What the Heck Is the August Facebook News Feed Change?

"What the Heck is...?" is our new series about the most important updates and changes in social media and how it will affect YOUR goals, presence and ranking. What is "High Quality" Content? Facebook just announced a new change to the New Feed - a focus on showing more ...
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First look at Facebook's New News Feed

UPDATED. Facebook's new News Feed will begin a very slow rollout today. The biggest changes focus on much larger pictures, consistency across devices, and multiple new feeds. (And also bigger ads)
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Facebook Graph Search Demystified

Facebook just released their new Graph Search last week, and already there has been a lot of excitement and speculation. Learn what Graph Search is, why you should care, how it works, and how you can make it work for your brand, all right here in this early comprehensive ...
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