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Social Strategy And Tactics

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The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Pages For Business

Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page Your Customers ARE on Facebook According to Facebook's latest stats, there are over 2 billion people who are active each month on Facebook across the globe.  Of that, over 1.4 billion people log in daily for an average of 20 minutes ...
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The End of Organic Reach and What to Do About It

Since Facebook announced their latest News Feed change in January, there has been a lot of debate about what it means for organic reach and for Facebook Pages in general. This post highlights some of the best insights and takeaways from around the web.
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3 Questions You Must Answer To Build Your LinkedIn Groups Strategy

In my last post on using LinkedIn for business, I touched on the subject of using LinkedIn Groups to promote your brand. In this post I'm going to show you three steps you should take to determine the LinkedIn Groups strategy that you should pursue for your business. It ...
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The 5 Worst Mistakes You're Making With LinkedIn for Business

There are a lot of potential missteps that you could make when using LinkedIn for business, but these are the 5 mistakes I see most often that will do the most harm to your LinkedIn strategy.  Learn what these 5 most damaging mistakes are and what you should do instead!
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Unmet Expectations are Driving Your Followers Away

Every "brand" is, by definition, just a collection of ideas and expectations in the eyes of the consumer. Companies try hard to craft how people think about their brands through the products and services they offer, the marketing they use, and the actions they take as a ...
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Deep Dive: Working with the Social CEO

Welcome back to our Content Marketing Deep Dive series, where we analyze successful brands that consistently produce great content marketing.  Today, we're looking at some of the deeper lessons that we've uncovered after analyzing our first 4 brands, and speaking in depth ...
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SCOTTeVest Harnesses Crowdsourcing for Social Success - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 08

SCOTTeVEST has seen great success on social media due to their effective use of crowdsourcing feedback, allowing them to constantly refine and improve everything they do. We originally profiled them in our Content Marketing Deep Dive: SCOTTeVEST blog post. In this episode, ...
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What the Heck Are Facebook Reactions?

The release of Facebook Reactions is huge news because it is a huge change - extending the Like button with 5 new emotions. These reactions enable users to express their opinion quickly, both positively and negatively, but what does it mean for brands and how can you take ...
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