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Deep Dive: Working with the Social CEO

Welcome back to our Content Marketing Deep Dive series, where we analyze successful brands that consistently produce great content marketing.  Today, we're looking at some of the deeper lessons that we've uncovered after analyzing our first 4 brands, and speaking in depth ...
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SCOTTeVest Harnesses Crowdsourcing for Social Success - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 08

SCOTTeVEST has seen great success on social media due to their effective use of crowdsourcing feedback, allowing them to constantly refine and improve everything they do. We originally profiled them in our Content Marketing Deep Dive: SCOTTeVEST blog post. In this episode, ...
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What the Heck Are Facebook Reactions?

The release of Facebook Reactions is huge news because it is a huge change - extending the Like button with 5 new emotions. These reactions enable users to express their opinion quickly, both positively and negatively, but what does it mean for brands and how can you take ...
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Should Your Brand Have Multiple Facebook Pages or Just One?

While some brands are still focused on building a community with one page, many others are creating multiple pages based on topics, location, or audience. Which is the best option for your page?
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Audience Optimization And Algorithmic Feeds - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 04

Facebook recently launched a new way to give context to your content with Audience Optimization, and Twitter has started to roll out their algorithmic timeline. In this episode, John Maver and Zachary Chastain talk how each new feature works and how marketers should take ...
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What the Heck Is Facebook Audience Optimization?

Content marketing is all about getting the right content to the right people at the right time. Often, the posts we write are on topics that relate to subsets of our followers, providing solutions to specific sets of problems that they have. With Facebook constantly working ...
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Take Social Media Competitive Analysis to the Next Level In 5 Easy Steps

A social media competitive analysis is a powerful tool that is commonly used to create a set of benchmarks against competitors within your industry, and by freelancers and agencies to help demonstrate how effective their guidance has made their clients in comparison to the ...
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How Do You Optimize Instagram Conversions and Turn Traffic Into Sales?

A cottage industry of services has appeared over the last year with the goal of helping you optimize your Instagram photos to convert your followers into paying customers, and these offerings are growing to meet the needs of everyone from small businesses to multinational ...
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How to Prevent Your Mobile Twitter Images From Being Cropped

There is nothing more irritating than spending time to create a great post image, only to see it get trampled by the formatting quicks of the social platforms on mobile. To keep that from happening, we have created another Photoshop template to use, just like our great ...
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In And Outs of Social Media Competitive Analysis - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 02

Doing a social media competitive analysis is a critical part of running an effective digital marketing program. But, they can be big and time consuming. In this episode, John Maver, Cappy Popp, and Zachary Chastain talk about the critical parts of a competitive analysis and ...
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