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How to Set Up Apache on Windows 7 to Support Facebook Secure Browsing

In late January Facebook finally added support for HTTPS, allowing users to browse the site securely. HTTPS provides a combination of the HTTP and SSL protocols, enabling encrypted communication between a user's computer and a web server. Using HTTPS to access the site - ...
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Facebook Enables Quick Transitions to Speed Application Load Times

Today Facebook launched a beta feature it calls ‘Quick Transitions.’ This feature supposedly results in faster load times for Facebook Platform Application canvas pages. It somehow uses Ajax to load them which keeps the browser from having to do a full page refresh to ...
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Dealing With New Facebook Fan Pages, Part One: Getting Page Status

The new (as of March 2009 - who knows what next week holds) Facebook Pages have become more like regular Facebook profiles. The important thing to note for the purpose of this post is that they now have a Publisher that allows Page admins to set status messages for the ...
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Setting up Flash CS4 to log trace messages to a file

This is a very handy feature, especially if you have to write your code in Actionscript 2 for which the Flash CS4 debugger is terrible, terrible, terrible. Trace messages are great but when your Flash .swf is running in a browser, and needs to (for instance if it is running ...
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Facebook Updating the Developer App

Facebook says they will soon be updating the developer application that allows you to manage your applications. It's about time. It's a mess at the moment. As long as they don't break the application setup APIs this will be great.
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Facebook Expands the Events API

Facebook reported yesterday that they are new Events API calls that will: "...allow applications to create, modify, and cancel events, as well as submit a user's RSVP to any event that the application created. With an active session and the appropriate extended permissions, ...
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How to create a Bebo application using PHP 5

Introduction I have been answering a lot of email requests for how to get started with a Bebo application. Since applications can be written in any language that supports interaction with the Bebo REST API, developers have a lot of choices in how they build their ...
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A brief example of how to use fb:ref on Facebook or sn:ref on Bebo

fb:ref is a way to set a placeholder on a bunch of user profiles, and then update it across all those profiles with a single call. It makes sense to use when you have data or images that would need to be updated occasionally, but are not specific to the current viewing ...
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