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I have had the opportunity to work with the folks at Aleuromedia in the past few weeks on some of our tougher Inner Circle UI workflow issues. They immediately understood the problem and recommended simple concrete actions we could take to immediately resolve it. This comes from their long experience doing software User Interface design.

However, they didn’t stop there. Aleuromedia is at the forefront of the new product screencast wave. They sent us screencasts of real users actually using Inner Circle .This was incredibly valuable, since we could see and hear exactly what users were thinking as they tried to perform what we thought would be simple operations. In the near future, we hope to work with Aleuromedia again to develop a series of short Inner Circle feature screencasts, to help our new users quickly get up to speed and enjoy all that Inner Circle has to offer. I heartily recommend them for any UI design, video usability testing and product screencasts.

Post by John Maver
November 06, 2007