Facebook Public Profile for West Point Parents is live

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on July 27, 2018 ·


Thought Labs has published a new Facebook Public Profile for the West Point Directorate of Communications focusing on providing information to the hundreds of Parents Clubs around on the country and their members.

The new Public Profile has several features designed to inform Fans and increase user engagement:

  • Custom FBML Parents tab - This is set as the default landing page for Profile visitors. This tab describes the benefits of Parents Clubs overall, features one of the many Parents Clubs around the country, and provides links to key content relevant to parents of previous and current cadets.
  • Custom FBML R-Day tab - Registration Day is the beginning of the West Point experience for cadets and will occur on June 29th, 2009. This tab will serve as a reference guide for cadets attending R-Day as well as for parents wanting to find out more information about preparation and the events of the day.
  • Integration of social media channels - The Profile pulls in cadet blogs, West Point YouTube channels and Flickr photos and puts them all into the Wall stream. Combined with daily Status Updates, Fans and Visitors will easily be able to keep up to day with what is important for West Point parents.

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