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Our publisher, Addison-Wesley Professional, has graciously published 'Rough Cuts' - that means they still need final edits - of the first five chapters of our upcoming book, Facebook Development: A Complete Guide to Smart Application Development for the Facebook Platform, on InformIT's Safari Books Online. Rough Cuts allow readers to get access to the book before it's published or purchase advance copies.

Here's an excerpt:

Currently Facebook has over 250 million active users and offers well beyond 52,000 applications -- and the rate at which new applications are launching is staggering. But there is a lack of up-to-date information about developing those applications effectively -- particularly in the light of platform modifications that have rendered many applications obsolete. This book provides instruction on using the latest Facebook platform features and helps developers create and deploy successful Facebook apps, revealing what makes them successful, how to measure progress, and how to deploy changes that will maximize the application’s value...

Please give it a read and let us know if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas about the book or the chapters.

Post by Thought Labs
June 16, 2009