How to run arbitrary multi-line Javascript in Firefox's Firebug Debugger

Cappy Popp
Written by Cappy Popp  ()
on July 27, 2018 ·


I use the console in Firebug all the time to test out one-liners in Javascript (like regexes for instance), but I had no idea that you could type multiple lines of JS in Firebug and run it. As I should have known of course they implemented this. Here's how:

You can either just paste a block of code into the console edit field (that's the line at the bottom of the console window that starts with '>>>' and has a flashing cursor), or click the little red icon at the lower right side of the console window.

Either way, it brings up the Firebug JavaScript editor window. Just click the 'Run' button at the bottom, tweak as necessary, and copy into your final desitination!

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