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John Maver will be presenting, along with Jaime Tedford of Brand Networks on the recent Facebook Open Graph announcement and how businesses can take advantage of it.

The event will be held on June 10th at Northeastern University, starting at 8:30 am.

Facebook has yet again changed the game with theannouncement of the next version of the Facebook Platform. Facebook Open Graph, the replacement for Facebook Connect, will position people at the center of the web in a way never seen before. This new platform provides the widgets and tools that provide a quick opportunity to make businesses more viral and reach more potential customers on the web. With the new features of Open Graph, Facebook is now able to do more than just connect people - they are giving meaning to these connections. The Open Graph, or "social graph," is how Facebook describes the connections from people to what they like and as part of that, Facebook users will see and feel more social and personalized experiences.

The implications of this new "social web" platform are expansive. In the week since the launch, more than 50,000 websites have implemented social plug-ins, already enabling those social experiences. And many facets of the platform are already under debate; for example, with "Likes" now being essential social links that Google and other search engines won't have full access to, how does this change search engine optimization as we know it today?

This platform affects everyone, whether we're marketers trying to understand the new features for our clients (or our company), or whether we're citizens wondering how this affects our privacy. So, if you're excited about how these changes could make Internet experiences easier and more social, or if you're concerned about the effects this change has on your privacy, you don't want to miss this event as we discuss the full realm of Facebook Open Graph. Talking points will include:

  • The difference between Open Graph and Connect
  • Why the new version of the Facebook Platform is about more than just connecting people
  • What new features are available for enabling websites to become instantly social - and best practices for leveraging these opportunities
  • Privacy in the new model, especially with the instant personalization features

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Post by Thought Labs
May 23, 2010