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Take Social Media Competitive Analysis to the Next Level In 5 Easy Steps

A social media competitive analysis is a powerful tool that is commonly used to create a set of benchmarks against competitors within your industry, and by freelancers and agencies to help demonstrate how effective their guidance has made their clients in comparison to the ...
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How to Add Value to Other Social Media Communities to Grow Your Own

I was recently asked to answer a question on Quora about whether a Facebook page could be banned for spamming other pages with messages to come like their page. Rather than just informing this business owner that what he was doing would cause him to banned from multiple ...
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Learn the #1 Skill a Community Manager Needs to Have: Planning a Content Calendar

A Content What? One of the most important skills to have when managing a community is the ability to create a proper content plan. Your social media presence is all about consistency; if you post sporadically then no matter how awesome your content is, you will never gain ...
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How to Build a 5 Step Plan for Creating an Online Community

In my last post, 3 Questions to Ask Before Starting an Online Community, the first question I recommended asking yourself is "Should I be using social media?" I also mentioned that you should have a plan established well before you get started, but it can be difficult to ...
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3 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting an Online Community

As I've pointed out before, with so many people urging every business and every brand to use social media channels to create their own online community, it's important to first stop and ask yourself why you should create an online community. Just because it worked for ...
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Make Listening a Measurable Goal in 3 Simple Steps

After our last few posts, you now know how to build an online community and what steps you should take to maintain a strong community. Our first recommendation for maintaining a strong community is to listen, and in this blog post, we will explore in more depth how to make ...
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3 Roadblocks to Building An Online Community & How to Overcome Them

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Google+ Hangout about online collaboration. It seems that everyone in attendance was grappling with some type of issue where they were trying to implement an enterprise social tool to help their organizations collaborate, but they ...
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3 Essential Steps To Maintaining Strong Facebook Communities

Most brands have a Facebook presence, and most of those Facebook pages are managed by a dedicated community manager, or for smaller brands, someone who has community management duties added to their job role. Depending on how important social media is to your organization, ...
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