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Each month, we answer your questions about a topic in digital marketing. This month, we will be dealing with common questions about marketing on LinkedIn.

What should I be looking at for LinkedIn marketing in 2017?
John Maver John Maver "As LinkedIn continues to be the biggest platform for B2B marketing, the wonderful organic reach we have seen in the past will likely follow the same decline as on Facebook. Competition for the news feed means that effective amplification via Sponsored Updates will be critical in 2017. Understanding how to get the right content in front of the right people is what will make your business succeed in 2017."
If I want to use LinkedIn Groups to promote my brand, should I join a group or create my own?
Cappy Popp Cappy Popp

"There are literally millions of LinkedIn Groups out there so check if with strong engagement, curation, and participation exists already. If it does — and it probably does unless you’ve uncovered an underserved niche — focus your efforts there: post helpful content regularly, answer questions, comment on others’ posts, and build influence. Otherwise create your own. Be prepared for the work it takes to manage it, however. LinkedIn is overrun with dead or poorly-managed Groups. Another option is to reach out to the administrator of a poorly-managed or dead group and ask to become an admin or take ownership of it. You’d be surprised how successful this can be!"

What type of content should I be posting on my LinkedIn Company Page?
Zachary Chastain Zach Chastain "People come to LinkedIn because they're looking for news and trends about their industry and to make new connections. They're not just looking to read about what is happening though, they're looking for analysis on what it means and how it will impact them. On LinkedIn your #1 goal should be to provide that added value. What else can you do to help the content on your LinkedIn Company Page succeed? did an analysis of 1,000 LinkedIn posts and found the top posts asked a question and included the words “Why”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Who” and “How.” You should also optimize your posts for mobile, because as of last August more than 50% of visitors to LinkedIn are on mobile devices."

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Post by Zachary Chastain
Dec 15, 2016