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Finding pages on Facebook has always been difficult - if you knew the exact term, you could find a business, but there was no listing anywhere. As of last night, Facebook published an alphabetical listing of pages at

We have made several Pages for clients, so I tried to look on up. I started with our Fitness Together - Middleton Page. The Directory is laid out somewhat like a dictionary - alphabet at the top, descending into begin-end ranges. So, the Fitness Together Page was under F -> Fitz Gardens - Five O's. Yes, that makes no sense, but there seems to be a few kinks in the system.

The ranges you click on are not the ranges you get. The Page should have been under Fitness Franchise - FitYummyLifestyle, but clicking on that actually yielded Fistfunk - Fitness Audio Vault. Fitz Gardens - Five O's went to Fitness By Andrew - Fito Kahn.

Assuming that they get that fixed, this directory is a great enhancement to Facebook's utility as a business platform. It should make Pages much easier to find and therefore increase usage.

Update: Facebook support says that they are aware of this problem and are continuing to work on the directory.

Post by John Maver
May 14, 2008