The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2016- FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 03

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on July 27, 2018 ·

The Fresh Thoughts Podcast Episode 3 - The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2016

Content marketing continues to be an essential part of digital communication for brands in 2016.  In this episode, John Maver and Zachary Chastain talk about Zach's latest post - The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2016 - and answer common questions about content marketing.


Podcast Guests

Podcast Timeline

  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 00:26 - Background and research on creating The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2016
  • 01:55 - What is different about content marketing in 2016?
  • 03:50 - The top 3 things to focus on for content marketing
  • 05:17 - How frequently do you need to post to be effective?
  • 06:11 - Why is distribution essential to content marketing success?
  • 07:05 - How much should you allocate for social media promotion?
  • 08:04 - How long does it take for a new content marketing program to see results?
  • 09:12 - What metrics should you track to show whether a content marketing plan is working?
  • 10:47 - Do you need special software to do content marketing?
  • 12:48 - How you can use retargeting to get more out of your content marketing program

Topics: Content Marketing

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