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Following my deep dive into Saddleback Leather's great content marketing, we sat down with Keenan Erwin, a member of Saddleback Leather's digital marketing team, to learn how Saddleback Leather got their start in content marketing, how their team grew, and what philosophy has helped to drive their success!

Over the next 32 minutes you'll learn about where Saddleback Leather focused their efforts early on, what the strategy behind their content marketing program is, what impact has content marketing had for them, both in terms of channel growth and sales, and how long it took for them to start seeing results.

We also asked Keenan about the secret sauce behind Saddleback's excellent customer service on social media and what 3 things he feels were most important to Saddleback's success in content marketing!

Join John Maver, Zachary Chastain, and guest Keenan Erwin as we talk about how Saddleback went from one man posting on social media to a content marketing powerhouse on the rise. 


Podcast Guests


Learn more about our guest, Keenan Erwin:

Husband, Baby Daddy, Mountainhugger, Content Marketing, Social Media, WebDev & Design.  You can follow Keenan on Twitter - @mountainbeard and Snapchat - keenanerwin

 You can also follow Saddleback Leather on Twitter - @saddlebackbags and on Snapchat - saddlebackbags


Podcast Timeline

  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 00:53 - Guest Keenan Erwin - What does he do at Saddleback?
  • 01:52 - How did Saddleback get started in content marketing?
  • 03:29 - Where did Saddleback focus their efforts early on?
  • 04:41 - What is Saddleback's ultimate goal for their content marketing program?
  • 06:30 - Which engagement metrics does Saddleback measure on social media?
  • 07:10 - What is the philosophy behind Saddleback's commitment to responding on social media channels?
  • 10:28 - What is the impact that being active on social media has had for Saddleback?
  • 11:58 - What steps did Saddleback take as their channels, and the need for a larger digital marketing team, grew?
  • 12:51 - How answering one question on social media actually answers dozens of people's questions.
  • 13:25 - Which campaigns have had the most impact for Saddleback?
  • 15:00 - Has content marketing driven sales for Saddleback?
  • 17:02 - How long did it take to see results from Saddleback's content marketing efforts, and how important are metrics and data in driving decisions for Saddleback's digital marketing team?
  • 19:31 - How closely does Saddleback's digital marketing team work with their customer service team?
  • 20:38 - What is the secret sauce to Saddleback's excellent customer service on social media?
  • 21:50 - How Saddleback's digital marketing team turns trolls into opportunity.
  • 22:53 - The key to great customer service - trusting your people.
  • 23:30 - If Keenan had to attribute Saddleback's success in content marketing to 3 things, what would they be?
  • 32:59 - Where can you follow Keenan?
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Mar 14, 2016