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We have just launched our first podcast episode! Join John Maver, Cappy Popp, Zachary Chastain and guest Jas Dhaliwal for a discussion of how much content really needs to be produced. We will be using the recent analysis done by HubSpot and Moz over their content posting schedule as the center of our discussion.


Podcast Guests

Podcast Timeline

  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 01:23 - HubSpot's analysis of their content posting schedule on getting views and leads
  • 05:58 - The effects of "Read-it-later" for content
  • 07:28 - Hubspot's analysis of which type of content performs best for getting views and leads
  • 09:03 - Moz's analysis of their content posting schedule on getting views and leads
  • 11:24 - How does content length affect the views and leads
  • 14:53 - What devices do we use to consume content
  • 17:55 - How does mobile browsing affect CTAs
  • 20:53 - The future of community building - back to the blog?
  • 27:27 - RSS feeds and other content discovery
Post by Thought Labs
Jul 28, 2015