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Reach for Facebook Pages continues to decline, hitting 2.6% on average, and a very low 2.6% for Facebook Pages with more than 1 million fans, according to Locowise.

In their March analysis, Locowise gathered reach, engagement and like growth from a sample of 5,000 pages. As usual, smaller pages tend to have higher percentages of reach and engagement, as their Fans are more homogeneous.

The data also showed that posts with links gets the highest reach at 4.48%, videos the lowest at 1.85%. However, videos and photos have the highest engagement rate with 13.92% and 13.71% of people reached. The numbers differ a little between smaller and larger pages, as shown in the diagram below:

Locowise chart of engagement for Facebook Pages

So, what are the takeaways from this?

  1. Create the best content you can that matches your audience and goals
  2. Use Facebook Ads to promote your content to the right audiences to get more reach.


Have you seen a drop again in March in your Facebook Page's organic reach?

Post by John Maver
April 24, 2015