The 10 Types of Periscope Users

John Maver
Written by John Maver  ()
on July 27, 2018 ·

Periscope says they now has over 10 million accounts who are watching over 40 years of video each day! Hannah Jane Parkison at The Guardian has spent the time to categorize the Periscope broadcasters according to the video you are likely to see from them. Funny 

Here are Hannah's categories:

  1. The Journalist - official news outlets
  2. The Citizen Journalist - showing breaking news as it happens
  3. The Pervert - on every platform, see "time to cock"
  4. That Guy Staring Into His Fridge - what should they eat?
  5. The Reviewer - Live unboxing with Q&A
  6. The AMAer - answering your questions about topics they know
  7. The Petrolhead - get in the passenger seat for a drive around town
  8. The Cute Pet - cats, cats, more cats, and some dogs
  9. The Drunk - sadly no breathalyzer required to unlock their phone
  10. The Copyright Infringer - live streaming concerts to your living room

If you broadcast, do you fall into one of these categories? Did Hannah miss any?




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