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How to Create a Semi-Automated Table of Contents in PowerPoint

Sometimes you get so used to a feature in one application, you expect it to be the there in all the other applications you use, especially when the applications are in the same suite, like Microsoft Office. In Microsoft Word, it is trivial to create a Table of Contents - ...
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How to use Audience Insights on Facebook and Twitter

Knowing your audience is the first step in creating great communities and getting better engagement on your social media posts. However, you likely have two different audiences - the one you want and the one you already have. These two audiences can begin to differ for a ...
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1 in 5 Marketers Find Social Media Metrics Hardest to Measure. Why?

Focusing on metrics that track to specific objectives is the key to successful tracking of marketing campaigns, said managing VP Julie Hopkins and mobile marketing lead Mike McGwire of Gartner at their recent 2015 Digital Marketing Conference. They presented the results ...
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Making Social Media Analytics Easier: The Personal Macro Workbook

Social media analytics are hard. That's one of the biggest problems with social media. Anything that makes them easier is awesome. Anyone that has spent professional, quality time with Radian6, Sysomos, Crimson Hexagon, or any other social analytics platform knows how ...
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Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Page Insights Bug

Last Friday Facebook announced that it had discovered a bug in Facebook Page Insights. The bugs were likely introduced around the same time that Facebook made changes to its EdgeRank algorithm, however the bugs were unrelated to the EdgeRank changes, originating with ...
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Are Your Campaigns Costing You Likes?: Actionable Tips to Reduce Campaign Churn

When we talk about social media metrics we often focus on proving success or proving a return on investment. It's important to show that we are helping the business reach its goals and produce wins, but it's also important for our own internal analysis and reporting that we ...
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