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State of the Art Social Self-Service with AVG Technologies - FRESH THOUGHTS PODCAST EP 07

AVG Technologies has long offered some form of social self-service support to its millions of users. In 2015, after internal analysis of metrics and user satisfaction decided to change everything. Jas Dhaliwal, Director of Customer Care Self-Service and Social Care at AVG ...
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How to Provide Faster Social Customer Care with a Small Team

In previous posts we've talked about how important a quick response is when providing social customer care. However, this can be a daunting task when you're working with a small team or even a single individual who is responsible for providing social customer care. Luckily ...
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3 Steps to Start Using Social Care to Retain Your Customers

Now that we've covered how to get started with a proper social media customer care program, it's time to dive deeper into using social media customer care to retain customers. Social customer care is an excellent opportunity for you to retain a customer who has had a bad ...
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3 Steps to Plan for a Successful Social Media Customer Service Program

Planning to effectively provide good customer service through social media can be difficult, but you've already recognized how beneficial it will be for your business and your customers, and that's why you're reading this blog post! Whether you're struggling with what goals ...
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3 Reasons Why Social Media is the Future of Customer Service

In 2015 you may think it's weird to say social media is the future of customer support, after all, aren't most brands offering customer support on social media now? Well, yes and no.
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3 Lessons in Social Media Customer Service from the Personal Story of a HostGator Customer

I've wanted to write a post about customer service via social media for a while now, and it just so happens that last week I stumbled across a personal story from a friend, and eventually found myself involved to help that friend get assistance from a brand's social team ...
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