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on July 27, 2018 ·


AVG Technologies has long offered some form of social self-service support to its millions of users. In 2015, after internal analysis of metrics and user satisfaction decided to change everything. Jas Dhaliwal, Director of Customer Care Self-Service and Social Care at AVG led the effort to completely replace the old FAQ and forums based system to one based on Salesforce Community Cloud.

The results since the rollout have been amazing - serving over 13 million visitors, exceeding self-service goals by 25%, and raising Net Promote Score from 50 to 70 points.

Join John Maver, Cappy Popp, and Zachary Chastain as we talk with Jas about how AVG Technologies accomplished this significant rollout.


Podcast Guests

Podcast Timeline

  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 00:37 - Overview of AVG's Self-Service Support
  • 01:44 - Discovering the problem
  • 02:36 - How much of support traffic comes from self-service?
  • 04:23 - Serving the previuolsy unserved
  • 05:42 - Planning the new solution
  • 08:05 - Standout companies in self-service support
  • 08:59 - Selecting the platform vendor
  • 10:44 - How does social login compare to email signup?
  • 14:35 - What metrics are being tracked for success?
  • 18:44 - What is the relationship between self-service support and social media support?
  • 21:06 - Community Gurus
  • 22:46 - Training and incentivizing the community gurus
  • 25:09 - A big increase in customer satisfaction
  • 26:15 - What makes the new self-service content more effective?
  • 27:59 - What is next for AVG?

Topics: Social Customer Care

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