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We've build a great deck with key thoughts from our eBook - Facebook Basics - How to Target Great Facebook Posts. Check it out below:

This actionable guide teaches you how to target Facebook posts that drive real business results!

Not only does it explain how to write great Facebook posts with real-world examples of these principles in action, this guide also walks you step-by-step through exercises designed to help you put the knowledge to work right away in your own community!

After reading this, you'll be able to:

✔ Understand targeting. You'll understand the difference between targeting your content, targeting your Facebook posts, and targeting your Facebook ads.

✔ Be able to identify your ideal customers. You'll know what it takes to be an ideal customer and our action items will help you learn how to identify your own ideal customers.

✔ You'll know how to turn your ideal customers into targetable personas! You'll learn what a persona is, how they can help you target your content at your ideal customers, and we'll walk you through creating your first persona step-by-step. You're guided all the way from identifying your ideal customer to how you can conduct research and interviews to flesh out your persona.

✔ Finally, we'll bring it all together by walking you through creating your first targeted Facebook post using the persona that you've created!





Post by John Maver
October 27, 2015