Facebook Basics: How to Write Great Facebook Posts [SlideShare]

John Maver
Written by John Maver  ()
on July 27, 2018 ·

We've build a great deck with key thoughts from our eBook - Facebook Basics - How to Write Great Facebook Posts. Check it out below:

This actionable guide teaches you how to write Facebook posts that drive real business results! 

Not only does it explain how to write great Facebook posts with real-world examples of these principles in action, this guide also walks you step-by-step through exercises designed to help you put the knowledge to work right away in your own community! 

After reading this, you'll be able to: 

✔ Master post success metrics. You'll understand which are important for your community and why. 

✔ Learn how to take your reporting beyond observations, so that you can gain deeper insight into why your community takes action. 

✔ Use metrics to dig deeper into not only which content your community loves, but also the content that it doesn't want you to post. 



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