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Today we'd like to share a quick visual guide of how brands are already doing some pretty impressive things with the new Facebook Timeline for brands. This will be a two part series, with a follow up post coming later this week. Do you know of any brands that are making full use of Timeline, or doing something unique with the new features available? If so, please let us know in the comments below!


Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut's Timeline does a great job of telling the story of their brand! From the opening of the first restaurant, when large pizzas were just $1.50, all the way up to Pizza Hut's epic space delivery, Pizza Hut delivers an interesting story that highlights some very impressive milestones for their brand!


George Takei


George Takei's routine use of humor is very endearing to his fans, especially his ability to have a laugh at his own expense. While as a cast member of the original Star Trek series he would surely have gained a cult following from "Trekkies" (fans of the Star Trek franchise), by consistently sharing his amusing updates he has opened himself up to a much broader demographic, and in a way has transcended his role as a cast member of the Original Series, rather than riding on the coat-tails of old fame.




Nike's Timeline features a lot of visual content promoting their campaigns, such as #MakeItCount, which encourages activity in your daily life while also promoting the Nike+ FuelBand product. All of these photos and videos really makes their Timeline "pop!" with visual appeal. Taking advantage of the ability to Highlight so much visual content in their Timeline is a smart move on Nike's part to grab their fans' attention and create buzz around their campaigns!




Beyoncé does a great job of using photos to draw attention to her calls to action, and particularly in how she even includes calls to action in the photos themselves! These calls to action attract a lot of attention from her fans, are certainly a major contributor to her incredible fan-base, and account for some of the most engaging posts on her page.




Subway does a great job of bringing attention to their tab icons, with attractive images full of bring colors your attention is immediately drawn to these icons. Equally impressive is that these icons grab your attention without violating any of the restrictions on what can be placed in a cover photo (such as directing users to a particular tab)! Many brands use dull or default photos here, and by doing so they are missing out on an excellent chance to showcase their tab content.


Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton is making use of the new "pin" feature to keep select content at the top of the newsfeed (See the little bookmark in the top right corner of the post?). This is a great option for bringing attention to tab icons, contests and sweepstakes, and other time-sensitive content. With the loss of landing pages in Timeline for Brands, pinning content that you want to showcase to your communities and your new visitors will be one of the best ways to draw attention to what your page has to offer!




Starbucks does a great job of using photos to attract attention to their questions. Visual content is very effective in Timeline, in fact looking back at a few of Starbuck's early historical posts that lack a photo, you notice just how barren a Timeline update looks without a prominent photo or video.




Target is embracing the true spirit of Facebook Timeline, by asking their fans to share their earliest memories of Target! The retro logo is very appropriate, and if any particularly interesting stories crop up, who knows, they may just become a part of Target's Timeline?


Monster Energy


Monster Energy takes an interesting approach with their Timeline, highlighting the events they sponsor, rather than their product. Rather than focus on energy drinks, Monster instead focuses on the events and activities they want associated with their brand; high energy, extreme sporting events. With a page health score of 2% (healthy pages fall between 1% - 5% or higher) this method seems to work well for them, attracting fans of the sporting events, who then associate the Monster brand with their favorite activities!


Red Bull


Red Bull takes an approach similar to Monster, but rather than showcasing current events, Red Bull focuses on their longstanding history in the world of sports, which spans over two decades! Featuring pictures all the way back to Red Bull's founding and first appearance in sports news in 1987! Their Timeline does a wonderful job of showing their deep ties to their target demographic and telling the story of the Red Bull brand!


Please be sure to check out our follow up post coming later this week, featuring an additional 10 early adopters that are making the most of Facebook Timeline for Brands!

Post by Zachary Chastain
March 13, 2012