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The AddThis team did an analysis of what was most effective in their last 90 days of tweets and came up with the following 3 lessons:

1. Align With Trends

Almost 50% of their top 20 tweets were related to current events and trends on Twitter. They used infographics or posts with data that they could tie into those events. The important thing is to make sure that your tweets still reflect your brand values and expertise. If the trend doesn't fit, don't hop on it - examples of bad matches abound

2. Keep Your Tweets Short

Their tweets of around 65 characters tended to perform the best, beating their 80 character tweets by 1.35%. Buffer says that Tweets shorter than 100 characters have a 17% higher engagement rate. One way to create shorter tweets is to use images to help convey the message instead. Working on shorter tweets can also mean clearer messaging, which can help get more eyeballs in a crowded stream. 

3. Use Media

Just like on Facebook, images and video generally outperform text-only content. AddThis found that not only did it increase their overall engagement, but that media clicks outnumbered the URL clicks. So, choose media that helps to tell the story and offers viewers a chance to engage right in the stream.  

Have you found the same lessons from your tweets? Share your experiences below.

Post by John Maver
Apr 20, 2015