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There is nothing more irritating than spending time to create a great post image, only to see it get trampled by the formatting quicks of the social platforms on mobile. To keep that from happening, we have created another Photoshop template to use, just like our great templates for mobile cover images

Designing for Desktop Bites Me Again

Zach and I had built a series of images for our recent eBook on How to Write Great Facebook Posts. Each image took a key lesson and presented it in an easy to digest format. We also branded each image with our logo, placed bottom left so it didn't overwhelm the image.

We created each image in two flavors: Square (1080x1080) for Facebook and Wide (1024x512) for Twitter. We scheduled the images to go out over several days and checked our various social pages to ensure they looked good, which they did.

But, what we didn't notice is that the Twitter Mobile apps crop off a bit of each side in the stream, only showing the full width on the individual tweet view. 

Here is an example of a mobile Twitter image that is cut off

A new Template for Mobile Twitter Images

To prevent this in the future, we created a new template that clearly marks the cut off sections for mobile. You should still have your image fill the whole desktop space, but make sure that the key parts don't cross over into the cut off areas. You can grab the just the mobile twitter post image template or get it as part of the whole mobile cover image template series. 

Let us know if you have any feedback on these templates. We will keep adding to them as we discover new needs.

Post by John Maver
October 13, 2015