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SCOTTeVEST has seen great success on social media due to their effective use of crowdsourcing feedback, allowing them to constantly refine and improve everything they do. We originally profiled them in our Content Marketing Deep Dive: SCOTTeVEST blog post.

In this episode, we followed up with with Luke Lappala, Director of Communications, and Gavin Griffin, Social Media Implementor at SCOTTeVest about how they integrate feedback into all aspects of their business.

This is one of our favorite podcasts so far, as you can hear the passion in Gavin's voice and see how they have truly integrated social into their business. 


Podcast Guests

Podcast Timeline

  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 00:30 - SCOTTeVESTs content marketing refresh
  • 04:06 - Transparency and Crowdsourcing
  • 06:40 - Platforms and team size
  • 10:21 - Posting to multiple platforms
  • 14:29 - Testing everything and being data-driven
  • 16:44 - Working with a social CEO
  • 21:20 - Getting the CEO on SnapChat
  • 26:27 - Brand advocates
  • 30:47 - Attributing success
  • 33:38 - Crowdsourcing feedback
Post by Thought Labs
Apr 28, 2016